About Latvia



Republic of Latvia is located on the North of European Union and shares borders with Estonia, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus. Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is easily reachable from Riga by ferry. As we can see, Latvia has convenient location in very centre of Baltic countries and its’ capital city is the biggest city in Baltics with approximately 650 000 inhabitants.

Owing to these factors, Republic of Latvia does cause interest both in means of great location for business development and convenient “bridge” between central Europe countries and Commonwealth of Independent States.

Latvian is official language of the country, though due big part of russian-speaking inhabitants, especially in Riga and on the east of country, Russian is often used here in daily life. English is also quite popular language, because it is taught in schools as the first foreign language and english-speaking tourists may contact and receive answers to their questions from local people.

Culture life of country and capital city is various and not less notable than architecture of Riga: it was knowingly chosen as European Capital of Culture in upcoming 2014, hereby guests and inhabitants of the city will have great opportunity to visit different kinds of cultural events: festivals, concerts, exhibitions, etc. And in 2013 there will be Song and Dance Celebration held in Riga, which is included in UNESCO list of masterpieces of humanity’s spiritual heritage and is pride of the Baltic countries. This grand event is held each fifth year in July and it does gather more than 20 000 participants - choirs, vocal and dance ensembles from all over the world.

Describing Latvia we should not forget about the beauty of forests, national parks and wonderful seaside of Baltic Sea: as if they were meant for recreation, for enjoying peace and silence far away from daily routine of the big city and thus for healing both body and soul.

Aside of unique opportunities of SPA recreation and shopping in Riga, Latvia definitely can be proud of architectural monument variety all over the country and of course - in the old part of Riga with its’ medieval castles and churches, in electrical manner combining features of different styles, from romanesque and gothic to baroque and renaissance, and Art-Nouveau style buildings, which are located in quiet centre of Riga. Most famous examples of these you can find on Elizabetes, Alberta and Antonijas streets.