Apartments for rent

Rent habitation is in required both in the center of Riga, and in its neighborhoods #

At the center customers often ask them to find worthy furnished apartment up to 80 sqm priced between 450 to 650 euros (without cost of utilities). In this variation offers accommodation in the center is a very wide. The cheapest - in the periphery is not renovated houses from 5 euros per square meter per month. While in the Old Town or the Quiet Center good flat in new or renovated buildings will be in the range of 15-17 euros per square meter. And for exclusive offers even more. As for the most massive local demand - housing in serial houses, the experts say about the acute shortage of good suggestions. Average rental rates of these apartments are gradually approaching 4.5 euros per square meter, the presence of furniture increases this figure. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that it is buying serial apartments and their subsequent renting provide the highest level of return of all the Latvian real estate - up to 8% per annum.

New Record!

In November 2013 was registered a record number of new amendments to the Law "On Immigration" of the Latvian residence permits to foreign investors. #

According to the Office of Citizenship and Migration a residence permit in exchange for investments received 283 foreigners (not including their family members). Previous record number registered in July 2013 -178. Still most foreigners buy real estate worth more than 143,000 euro in Riga, Riga planning region and major Latvian cities, and 71 500 euro- in other cities. In 1st of July, 2010 (beginning implementation of amendments to the Law "On Immigration", which allowed investors to qualify for residence permits in Latvia), and in the first ten days of December, foreign investors bought real estate in our country for more than 625 million euro. In the subordinated bank capital foreigners invested more than 105 million euro, in Latvian enterprises - more than 43 million euro.

Comparison of apartments in Moscow and Riga.

Real estate in Russia, particularly in Moscow, according to European standards is very expensive, and the mortgage is not available for most of Russian inhabitants. #

Experts have calculated what should be the salary for the Russian Federation resident, so he could afford to buy credited typical standard two-bedroom apartment without a specific repair:

  • Russian resident should get 1700 euro per month;
  • St. Petersburg resident should receive  2 700 euro per month;
  • Moscow resident should receive from 3800 euro per month.

Analysts in their calculations assumed that the prospective borrower has 15% of the purchase price, and the bank gives him a loan of 15% per annum in rubbles for 15 years. Another condition - a payment on a loan may not exceed 40% of monthly income.

Salaries were calculated based on Rosstat data on secondary dwellings costs in the third quarter of 2013. According to the data, the standard 50 m2 two-bedroom apartment in Moscow without special repair cost around 177,000 to 220,000 EUR, if the price per square meter is 3000-4000 euros.

For the same price you can buy in Riga two-bedroom apartment in a renovated building Residence Lumiére with an area 59 m2, fully finished. The project is located in the prestigious embassy district, surrounded by monuments of UNESCO and the Latvian Art Nouveau representative value of EUR 209000 and obtain a residence permit in the European Union, with all resultant bonuses.







New project Lumiere Residence

Lumiere Residence is more than just a building #

Lumiere-from French "light" and "brilliance" is manifested in the concept home Rūpniecības Street 11, Riga's historical center and one of the most prestigious districts of Riga. Modern and bright Lumiere Residence with spacious and illuminated Art Nouveau apartment with high ceilings, large windows and graceful balconies. These are great two-level penthouse apartments with light columns, ornate staircase with glass dome and elegant panorama elevator. You will enjoy abundant facade lighting and concierge smile. Live Lumiere Residences is really bright!


Lumiere Residence is more than just a building. Built in 1910 by famous German craftsman Arthur Medlingers project. Art Nouveau-style building today is a global monument and historical center of Riga has been implemented in the UNESCO world heritage list of culture. In 2013, this unique example of Art Nouveau architecture experienced another revival: renovation was carried out, allowing the building to save the historic charm and provide comfort to its citizens, provided by the modern technology.

Style and comfort

Lumiere Residences have 24 well-equipped spacious and bright, premium apartments, at the very top-6 two-level penthouse apartments with large panoramic windows. In the underground garage and storage space, convenience of residents is installed elevator to residential floors. All apartments are offered with finishes, you just have to choose what it will be. Our designers have developed several interior options for just that-building of an authentic art-deco to modern minimalism. The choice is yours.
Lumiere Residence is an unique architectural and atmospheric building that is located in the quiet center, which is known all over Europe. There are great restaurants and cafes. Near are parks and gardens with beautiful canals and ponds with beautiful gazebos and fountains just a few minutes away from tourists so tempting Old Town and embankment with nautical clubs and beloved the bohemian Andrejsala. Quiet and relax atmosphere that is at the heart of the cultural and economic center of the largest metropolitan area in the Baltic what makes a comfortable, cosy and prestige living in Riga.